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Your Self-Care

Once upon a time, a pandemic hits our society, our home, our work, a pandemic hits the world and had a tremendous impact on humankind. All we thought about is protecting ourselves from the virus’s physically, yet we forgot how to protect ourselves emotionally. All we wanted is not to get infected yet most of us got infected one way or another. Most of us were cautious not to get sick by COVID19, yet we forgot everything else around us.

Some of us got an overload of work where we had to wear different hats with different tasks that we had no clue we will end doing without our permission. Some of us had to work from home and be teachers to our children at the same time, while others had to live more hours with abusive family member and perform at work at the same time, be a care giver tour loved one yet be present for virtual work or we had to stop visiting each other’s and live in isolation… the list of the virus negative impact on human kind has no limits yet what we all should know by now that many people were struggling one way or another and the focus should be on how to thrive regardless of those circumstance by looking at how this impacting us in a positive way not in a negative way.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 struck us emotionally more than physically. We may not be infected with this virus, yet our mental health got compromised.

We live in a society that is used to live through routine, used to live on schedule. We are programmed to live a certain way just like a blueprint if it is not perfect, it is defective.

No matter how wealthy or educated we are, we are living the impact. Our college education did not teach us how to pivot around such circumstances. Our college education had a fixed curriculum with pass and fail grade only. It did not teach us that life is learning experience and failing is not a thing. It did not teach us that we should keep trying, stand up and try again.

If you feel overwhelm=med and been struggling through pulling yourself out of the negative circumstances and seems hard to see yourself within the storm, no shame in asking for help. Fortunately, we live in a world full of resources that would open our eyes on what is possible and how we can help ourselves. Take a moment and breath throught this to figure out how you can thrive through this pandemic that is not far from being over.

Integrative health coach is one of the sources that can provide that help for you and shine the light on your life and your future by holding your hand where you practice the best self-care that work for you.

You might say “ I am incapable of seeing anything good right now” however, life is a celebration of learning and growth.

Do you remember that question you missed in your test once and then you search fort eh right answer? You will always remember the answer. You might have failed the test yet you learned something for life.

During this unprecedented time that we don’t know when it will end or may be by the time it ends, another virus or life turmoil will take over, we should not forget how to practice self-compassion.

What is self-compassion?

Self compassion is to be gentle on yourself. You deserve better. Acknowledge your feeling no matter what it is… accept your situation and try to build on it by understanding that you are not alone. Many people are going through the same thing and may be worse. Learn and seek knowledge on how to adapt than surrender to the current circumstances. Start over and be creative with how to overcome the impact. If you feel you need help, no harm and no shame in asking for it. The worst thing that can happen is the person you might pursue may not be available today but eventually they will be with you. For sure you can find someone who would help; the key is to keep trying.

Tips to overcome difficult times at work, school, home, social event, or life in general …

1. Self-awareness practice

Who am I? what am I feeling now? Why am I feeling this way? What is behind it? Take a moment and dive into your true self and feelings.

2. Do not let your feeling drive you

practice a combination of feelings and intuition. Trust your gut.

3. Pain is your friend. It is acute pain vs chronic pain

Acute pain is immediate and does not hide itself; just like a papercut, bleeds a lot yet stop in seconds while chronic pain sneak upon your body until you decide to take a charge of it not the other way around and then all you can do is sedate it on daily basis. Appreciate the pain and heal yourself immediately because you are worth it. Do not let it grows on you and grow by it.

4. Practice growth mindset

Growth mindset will help you adjust and pivot around any circumstances come your way. Blueprints will not help us, yet it will tight our hands and sedate our brain where we get us stuck one way or another.

5. Acknowledge your feeling and let it go

The more we suppress our feelings, the more it will pull us down in the drain of pain, anxiety, and isolation.

A year since we got into these new circumstances. Keep a journal about your journey, highlight the positive and you will notice that there is hope for better and brighter future than what you think.

Reem Halwani. IHWC, RDH

Mind-Body Balance Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

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