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Healthy meditreanian meal that fits any lifestyle.

Baked Mediterranean Artichoke Cups:

This recipe will come out delicious in any way you tweak it to fit your diet style.

2 bags of artichoke cups.
8 oz ground meat of your choice.
1 small bag of mixed vegetables.
6-8 oz of water.
Salt, pepper, ginger, turmeric as needed.
Cook the ground meat with seasoning of your choice then add the mixed vegetables as the meat is completely cooked. Feel free to sauté some diced onions with the meat.
Fill the artichoke cups with the prepped meat and vegetables in a Pyrex pan.
Add water about a cup of serving.
Cover the Pyrex with parchment paper then aluminum foil.
Heat the oven to 350F and bake for 60 minutes.
Server with your choice of rice on the side or you can sprinkle some parmesan cheese on the top.
For vegan option, it will taste great without meat too by having the mixed vegetables alone on the top !!!

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