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Hello from Mind Body Balance Wellness Coach.

Being aware of your present moment and learning how to utilize this power is significant to embrace your moment and grow from within. Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching is a partnership program that is client-centered & whole personal approach where I work with individuals mutually to address their current health and well-being. Your wellness coach acknowledges the collaboration of mind, body, and spirit with its distinctive healing capability and emphasis on self-care & lifestyle. An integrative health & wellness coach supports clients in achieving their personal goals related to their optimal health and well-being using Lifestyle Medicine.

​I will help you utilize your values, goals, and significance to determine the path of your future optimal life as you are the core of your overall health.

Together, we will embrace all possibilities and alternatives you make that affect your

physical, mental, and spiritual well-being over whatever life may throw at you.

Professional health care has a wide variety of treatments from conventional, and complementary to functional. By knowing the health challenges you are facing now and your health history, I will help you narrow down the approach options that work best for you.

Your Board-Certified Wellness Coach 

Reem Halwani. NBC-HWC

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AL. Jeeda

Thank you so much for the positive impact you have had on me. Highly recommended for anyone who feels stuck in life and can’t get to where they want to be in all aspects. Grateful to have crossed paths with you.


K. Farah

I was struggling with weight loss for more than 7 years, on and off with yo-yo diets. Until I came across Mind-body balance with the health coach Reem. It was amazing the way she handled my thoughts and understood my needs. Using proper assessment to analyze what I really need and how I can maintain my health in the long run, not just for a short period of time. She made me comprehend the wheel of health and adjust my state of mind into new healthy habits of eating and exercising. I am into my third month now and it’s been great so far. I highly recommend this place.

M. Natalia

I’ve known Reem for 16 years on a personal level and and can recommend her as a person full of integrity, trustworthy, and passionate about the work she does.